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About the new Product Recommendation Score (PRS) experience

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

A new Product Recommendation Score (PRS) survey experience is live in release 2019.2.0 and after.

Previous experience

In the previous experience, a customer was prompted to complete a survey before ProFile closed. If the customer agreed, ProFile closed and the customer was directed to a 3rd-party website to answer survey questions.

New experience

In the new experience, the customer answers the survey question in-product, without being directed to a 3rd-party website. ProFile remains open until the survey is completed and then closes.

There are no significant changes to the survey questions.

Survey timing

The survey prompt does not display every time a customer closes ProFile; it is set to display 15 days after an initial installation of ProFile and every 30 days after that.

There are dedicated survey periods during the year where we want to encourage feedback from customers and the prompt will display more frequently.  In addition, there are other periods (for example, all of April) when the survey will not display at all.

Security of data

Customer data and responses are only transmitted to ProFile/Intuit and no information is shared with any 3rd party or websites without express customer consent.

Example of new experience


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