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About the FX Currency Worksheet

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

The Bank of Canada is responsible for revising public foreign exchange rates. Until recently, the Bank of Canada provided rates for dozens of foreign currencies.

The Bank of Canada no longer provides all annual legacy foreign exchange rates; it is now the user’s responsibility to find and enter some foreign exchange rates.

ProFile has created the new FX Currency Worksheet to help customers manage this change.

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The worksheet allows customers to set rates for currencies not on the Bank of Canada’s list, and have these rates available on the FX form.

Customers can override rates as needed (for example, if a new, lower rate is found) on the worksheet.

In addition, customers can use the Other currencies section of the worksheet to add currencies not already listed on the worksheet.

The changes, additions, and overrides made on the FX Currency Worksheet display automatically on the FX form.

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