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SOLVEDby Intuit1Updated February 03, 2023

Hub is a document management dashboard that helps you access customer information quickly and seamlessly so you may process returns more efficiently.

Within Hub, you can access client contact information, check the status of a return and review any notes that may have been added.

Within Hub you have access to document management sources, such as Link, to help you gather information from your clients in one secure place. More data sources like AFR will be added throughout the season. Hub will be your one-stop shop for all of your data sources and much more.

Hub works effortlessly with Link, a user-friendly online portal that helps you collaborate more effectively with your clients to gather their information for tax season.

Through Link, you can seamlessly create and send personalized requests to clients to request documents and information. You can also leverage templates already created within Link or create specific requests based on previous years returns.

You're also able to send reminders within Link if you would like to follow-up on outstanding items.

Together, Intuit Hub and Link streamline document management in ProFile.

Hub and Link are complimentary with a full ProFile license. Customers need to have purchased a ProFile T1 module.

Hub supports tax years 2014 to current year for T2 module.

Hub supports tax years 2015 to current year for T1 module.

Beginning in version 2021.2.0, Hub now supports T3 module files, currently only with a 2021 year end.

Hub and Link are separate applications that do not interact with ProFile Review. Hub and Link are the evolution of ProFile Review.

Hub and Link are separate applications that do not interact with Classic DB or Client Explorer. We will be adding more functionality to Hub throughout the season.

Hub currently does not support linked spousal returns. This functionality will be added to an upcoming release.

If you have set an admin password in ProFile, you will need to enter it again when setting up Hub:

When you first open Hub, you will be presented with the ProFile Hub Set Up window. Click on the lock icon in the bottom left corner.

You will be prompted enter your admin password. Enter your password and click the OK button.

You are now able to set up Hub for your local or network server.

No, not at this time. This feature may be added at a later time.

There is no limit to the number of questions that can be added.

There is no limit to then number of items that can be added.

Some users may encounter this error message:

Confirm that the accountant has used a valid SIN number and email address for the client. Note that the same SIN and/or email information cannot be used for multiple returns.

You can check the responses from clients in Hub; the details of their responses display in Link.

After clients have accepted a request for documents or information, a progress bar displays in Hub corresponding to the progress the client has made in responding or providing materials. The progress bar indicates the level of completion the client has achieved (e.g., 4/5 documents provided).

To review the specific materials provided by the client, click on the progress bar. Link opens, where you can review in detail your client's returned materials or information.

If a client sends a message to the accountant, the messages appears on Link.

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