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T1 forms updated for tax year 2019

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

Note: If you are on a ProFile version prior to 2019.0.8, please update to 2019.0.8 or later. Click here to learn how to check your ProFile version.

The experience detailed below is under development, and is not yet available in ProFile.

Forms no longer supported for printing

Certain ProFile forms are no longer supported to be printed as of ProFile version 2019.0. When trying to print one of these forms, you will see the following message: ProFile does not permit this form to be printed.


  • For Federal slips such as T5 and T5008, we recommend printing the form called Slips.
  • For Quebec such as RL1, RL10, and RL15, we recommend printing the form called TP1Slips.
  • For supplementary business forms, such as the CCA/Asset form, we recommend printing the Business CCA summary form.

These forms have been tested for accuracy with multiple tax scenarios. If you are experiencing issues on your tax return with any forms, such as data missing or formatting issues, please contact ProFile support so we can investigate.

Alternatively, press Help in ProFile and send feedback.

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