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Create custom email templates in Intuit Link

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

You can create and save email templates for messages you frequently send to your clients.

Create custom invite, reminder, and send request emails

  1. Log in to your Intuit Link for Accountants account.
  2. Select Firm Settings from the left navigation bar.

  1. Select the Email Templates tab.

  1. Select the New Template button.
  2. Give your template a title and subject, and type the desired text in the Email Body section.

Note: You can use tags as a placeholder in your letter for the client name and your firm name. Link reads the tags and replaces them with your client's name. This also applies to the Firm Name tag. Link reads the tag and replaces it with your actual firm name.

  1. Select Save to save your template.
  2. Repeat the steps above to create additional templates.

Now when you send an invitation, a request for data, or a reminder to your clients, you can select the appropriate template from the Templates selection menu.

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