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Efiling a T1134 in the T1 module

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

Beginning in ProFile version 2021.4.7, the T1134 can be e-filed in the T1 module. It must be filed separately from the T1 return.

How to e-file

  1. After completing the T1134 return, make sure Yes is selected for the question Did taxpayer own an interest in a foreign affiliate at any time in (tax year)?

    t1134 info question en.png
  2. Go to EFILE in the menu bar and select EFILE the T1134...

    efile T1134 EN.png
  3. Click Start in the session window to transmit.

    T1134 start en.png

    The EFILE processing window appears.

    t1134 efile processing en.png
  4. If successful, a confirmation box with a green circle and a checkmark will appear. It will have a confirmation number, transmission date and Intuit transaction ID. Print the page if needed and close the window.
    4_Confirmation edit_EN.jpg

Possible reasons for a failed transmission

If EFILE transmission is unsuccessful The EFILE session window will show a red circle with a white line through it. The status box will list reasons why transmission wasn't successful. In this scenario, the preparer didn't select Method of contact for on Pre-assessment and Post-assessment on the Info page, which are required.

efile failed T1134 en.png

method of contact.png

The auditor has a tab for T1134 errors. Errors listed must be addressed before the customer can e-file. If you do not, you will get a message reading Processing failed. As per the message, you need to go to the T1134 tab in the auditor and address any errors.

T1134 processing failed.png

Do I need an EFILE ID and password to e-file a T1134?

Yes. Up-to-date EFILE credentials are required to e-file the T1134.

How do I e-file an amended return?

You can e-file the amended T1134 by making changes to the return and then clicking EFILE the T1134... in the EFILE dropdown menu. There is a box to check designating the T1134 as amended, but if a change is made on a return already e-filed, this box will check automatically.


For which years can I e-file a T1134?

You'll be able to e-file a T1134 for any year beginning with the 2021 return, subject to change in CRA's EFILE procedures.

How do I check if I successfully e-filed a T1134?

There is a new line for T1134 confirmation number in the confirmation number section of the Info page. Alternatively, T1134 file status and confirmation number (if applicable) are also available in Properties under the File menu.

image (104).png

If Yes is checked for the question Did taxpayer own an interest in a foreign affiliate at any time in (tax year)? a warning will also appear. The top part of this warning will be removed after e-filing.

ret1134 warning en.png

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