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Downloading, installing, and activating ProFile

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We've made downloading, installing, and activating ProFile a simple and intuitive process; below you'll find all the information needed to get started.

ProFile users need to download a file named gpsetup.exe to the computer. The file “gpsetup.exe” is the executable file that installs ProFile on a computer.

Different web browsers download and store the file in different ways. Choose the option below that reflects the web browser you are using.

If using Internet Explorer

  1. Navigate to the ProFile download page.
  1. Click the orange Download ProFile button on the download page:

User-added image

  1. Select the Save option.

The download progress window displays:

User-added image

When completed, the location of the file is C:/Windows -> Users -> [USER NAME] -> Downloads

You can now proceed to the Installing ProFile section below.

If using Google Chrome

1. Navigate to the ProFile download page.

2. Click the orange Download ProFile button on the download page.

The download displays automatically in the bottom-right corner of the browser:

User-added image

When completed, the location of the file is C:/Windows -> Users -> [USER NAME] -> Downloads

You can now proceed to the Installing ProFile section below.

Note: If you are still unsure of where the file has been stored, search the C: drive for the file gpsetup.exe.

1. Locate the file gpsetup.exe:

Payments CSR Account Set-up.png

  1. Right-click on the file gpsetup.exe and select the Run as Administrator option.

The ProFile InstallShield Wizard displays.

  1. Select your installation language preference:

User-added image

  1. Select the OK button.

The ProFile License Agreement displays.

5. Review the material and click the Yes button to proceed:

OII Resppnse Code.PNG

6. Select the location to store ProFile files; the InstallShield Wizard makes a suggestion, or click the Change button to select a new or different location:

OII Resppnse Code.PNG

7. Select the Next button; the installation is now ready to begin.

8. Select the Install button.

The installation of files begins; the installation is tracked by the progress bar:

user added image

When installation is completed, ProFile then registers the necessary components:

user added image

9. Select the Finish button when installation is complete.

The ProFile icon displays on the desktop:


After the purchase of ProFile, users will receive a receipt an order confirmation via email that contains a Product Code and License Key. This information is necessary for the activation of ProFile:


Note: Users will receive the tax invoice shortly after the order confirmation with a detailed breakdown of their purchase.


Review our support video on activating a ProFile license:

1. Start ProFile.

ProFile starts; the ProFile license window displays the first time ProFile is opened or in the case that no license has been previously entered.

2. Click Add New:


3. Enter the License Key information; then click the Activate button.

Note: Licenses purchased on or after June 6, 2022 do not require a Product Code to be entered:


A green notice displays, indicating that the product has been activated and is ready to use:


4. Click the Close button to begin using ProFile.

If ProFile's Flexible Licensing function is required, click the Activate flexible licensing button.

An error message displays if a product code or license key are invalid or incorrectly added:


If the message "Invalid combination" or "License Error Occurred" displays after entering license information, confirm the following:

  • all information was entered correctly
  • the ProFile version being used is the most recent

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