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ProFile Keyboard Shortcuts

SOLVEDby IntuitIntuit ProFile Tax1Updated July 14, 2022

If you process a large volume of client files, it is worth your while to learn the keyboard shortcuts for common functions in ProFile. You will find you can work much more quickly using the keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse. Below is a printable list, for quick reference.

ActionShortcut Command
Attach tape<Ctrl+F8>
Back to previous form<Alt+F7>
Carry forward a file<Ctrl+R>
Clear highlighter<Ctrl+H>
Clear review mark on field<Ctrl+Alt+0>
Close current window<Ctrl+F4>
Copy field<Ctrl+C>
Correction required mark<Ctrl+Alt+3>
Create a new file<Ctrl+N>
Cut field<Ctrl+x>
Display jump list<Shift+F6>
Display previous audit message<Shift+F9>
Ditto key(back apostrophe)
EFILE this return<Ctrl+F11>
Instant SEND<Shift+F11>
End review<Ctrl+E>
Exit ProFile<Alt+F4>
Explorer Keyword view<Shift+F7>
Explorer Line view<Shift+F4>
Federal/Quebec toggle<Shift+F5>
File properties<Ctrl+I>
Form help<Shift+F1>
Next checklist form<Ctrl+Alt+PgDn>
Next Edit window form<Crtl+Tab>
Next file<Ctrl+F6>
Next page on form<Ctrl+PgDn>
Next section on form<Alt+PgDn>
Non-zero T1 summary<Ctrl+F10>
Open an existing file<Ctrl+O>
Open form in new window<Ctrl+Alt+F6>
Open the Tape dialog box.<=>
Override format<Ctrl+F2>
Partner sign-off<Ctrl+Alt+2>
Paste field<Ctrl+V>
Pause / start timer<Ctrl+T>
Preparer sign-off<Ctrl+Alt+1>
Previous checklist form<Ctrl+Alt+PgUp>
Previous Edit window form<Ctrl+Shift+Tab>*
Previous page on form<Ctrl+PgUp>
Previous section on form<Alt+PgUp>
Print file(s)<Ctrl+P>
Question review mark<Ctrl+Alt+4>
Quick-print audit messages<Alt+F9>
Quick-print T1 summary<Ctrl+Alt+F10>
Quick-print T183 form<Alt+F11>
Quick-print tax summary<Alt+F10>
Save the file<Ctrl+S>
Show/hide auditor<Ctrl+F9>
Switch to family member<Alt+F5>
T1, T2, T3 jacket<Ctrl+J>
Toggle T1/TP1<Shift+F5>
Toggle T2/AT1 RSI<Ctrl+F5>
Top of next slip<Ctrl+Enter>
Top of previous slip


ProFile HelpF1

Client Explorer

Form ExplorerF4
Toggle spouse returnF5
Jump to FormF6
Detail View (Form Explorer)F7
Attach MemoF8
Show AuditorF9
Tax SummaryF10
Print One FormF12

You can also use the ditto key on similar fields in a ProFile table. This is the backwards apostrophe key found in the upper left corner of most keyboards to the left of the number 1 key. Press the ditto key to copy and paste the contents of a similar field above or to the left of the current field. This is especially useful in tables when you have a long list of identical entries.

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