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Purchase a single Québec return with a federal ProFile license

by Intuit Updated 9 months ago

If you have a federal ProFile license such as T1 or T3, and need to complete a single Québec return for a client, you can purchase a OnePay return to complete it. The T1 OnePay includes the TP1 return and forms and the T3 OnePay includes the Québec TP-646 return and forms. Follow these steps to purchase what you need:

  1. Open ProFile.
  2. Go to File , then New, then T1 or T3 as required and choose the tax year that corresponds to what you need to prepare. Note: CO-17 forms are included with the T2 license. A OnePay isn't required to complete a CO-17 if a T2 license is active.
  3. Enter the required information.The OnePay Wizard will open.

    Note: If the wizard does not open automatically, you can access it by clicking on File, then OnePay upgrade. Ensure that the information is correct as it can't be changed later.
  4.  Follow the prompts to complete your online purchase of a OnePay license.
  5. A license key will be emailed to you. Enter it in ProFile by going to Help and then Manage Licenses. Select Add New. Enter the license key and select Activate. Leave the product code field empty.

For more information on purchasing OnePay, see this article.

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