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Carry forward last year's billing information and amounts

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

A preparer has set up the pricing and type of invoice in ProFile but still has to reconfigure a client's billing when carrying forward last year's files.

The billing form resides within the client file, but it obtains its information from the Options > Pricing... menu. If a file is created before billing is configured, then the file will have no billing information. The file will continue to have no billing information until altered in the billing form.

Billing and pricing must be configured before the files are created or carried forward.


  1. Select Pricing... from the Options drop-down menu in the top toolbar menu.

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  1. Go to the tab for the previous year's files.

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  1. Review the previous year's pricing and billing information.
  2. Navigate to the current year tab.
  3. Select the Carry Forward button.

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  1. Select the Yes button to confirm the carry forward action.

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The pricing and billing information displays in the current year.

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Add a new billing amount for the current year

  1. Go to the current year's tab.
  2. Enter the new billing amount.

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  1. Select the OK button.
  2. The window closes and the new billing amount is saved.
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