ProFile Tax Forms & Slips

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Form Name Category Module
5Year Client T1
AB428 Tax & Credit Forms T1
AB428MJ Tax & Credit Forms T1
ABCredits Tax & Credit Forms T1
ABIL Deduction Forms T1
ABS11 Tax & Credit Forms T1
ABS2 Tax & Credit Forms T1
Attach Client T1
Audit Client T1
Bankruptcy Filing T1
BC428 Tax & Credit Forms T1
BC428MJ Tax & Credit Forms T1
BC479 Tax & Credit Forms T1
BCCredits Tax & Credit Forms T1
BCS11 Tax & Credit Forms T1
BCS12 Tax & Credit Forms T1
BCS2 Tax & Credit Forms T1
Billing Client T1
BLetter Client T1
BusAuto Income Forms T1
CarryFWD Identification Forms T1
Comparative Client T1
CPT20 Tax & Credit Forms T1
CTB Client T1
CTB(AB) Client T1
CTB(BC) Client T1
CTB(NB) Client T1
CTB(NL) Client T1
CTB(NS) Client T1
CTB(NT) Client T1
CTB(NU) Client T1
CTB(ON) Client T1
CTB(YT) Client T1
DC905 Filing T1
Dependant Identification Forms T1
DLetter Client T1
Donations Tax & Credit Forms T1
Engage Client T1
Foreign Slips T1
FTC Tax & Credit Forms T1
GST Client T1
GST370 Tax & Credit Forms T1
Info Identification Forms T1
Instalments Client T1
Invoice Client T1
JInvoice Client T1
JLetter Client T1
Label Client T1
Letter Client T1
LossLPP Deduction Forms T1
LossNetCap Deduction Forms T1
LossNonCap Deduction Forms T1
MB428 Tax & Credit Forms T1
MB428MJ Tax & Credit Forms T1
MB479 Tax & Credit Forms T1
MBCredits Tax & Credit Forms T1
MBS11 Tax & Credit Forms T1
MBS2 Tax & Credit Forms T1
Medical Tax & Credit Forms T1
Memos Client T1
NB428 Tax & Credit Forms T1
NB428MJ Tax & Credit Forms T1
NBCredits Tax & Credit Forms T1
NBS11 Tax & Credit Forms T1
NBS2 Tax & Credit Forms T1
NL428 Tax & Credit Forms T1
NL428MJ Tax & Credit Forms T1
NLCredits Tax & Credit Forms T1
NLS11 Tax & Credit Forms T1
NLS2 Tax & Credit Forms T1
Notes Client T1
NRTC Client T1
NS428 Tax & Credit Forms T1
NS428MJ Tax & Credit Forms T1
NSCredits Tax & Credit Forms T1
NSS11 Tax & Credit Forms T1
NSS2 Tax & Credit Forms T1
NT428 Tax & Credit Forms T1
NT428MJ Tax & Credit Forms T1
NT479 Tax & Credit Forms T1
NTCredits Tax & Credit Forms T1
NTS11 Tax & Credit Forms T1
NTS2 Tax & Credit Forms T1
NU428 Tax & Credit Forms T1
NU428MJ Tax & Credit Forms T1
NU479 Tax & Credit Forms T1
NUCredits Tax & Credit Forms T1
NUS11 Tax & Credit Forms T1
NUS2 Tax & Credit Forms T1
ON428 Tax & Credit Forms T1
ON428MJ Tax & Credit Forms T1
ON479 Tax & Credit Forms T1
ONBen Tax & Credit Forms T1
ONCredits Tax & Credit Forms T1
ONS11 Tax & Credit Forms T1
ONS12 Tax & Credit Forms T1
ONS2 Tax & Credit Forms T1
OtherCredits Tax & Credit Forms T1
OtherDeduct Deduction Forms T1
OtherIncome Income Forms T1
PBLetter Client T1
PE428 Tax & Credit Forms T1
PE428MJ Tax & Credit Forms T1
PECredits Tax & Credit Forms T1
PES11 Tax & Credit Forms T1
PES2 Tax & Credit Forms T1
Plan Client T1
QDLetter Client T1
QInvoice Client T1
QJInvoice Client T1
QJLetter Client T1
QLetter Client T1
RA Deduction Forms T1
RC210 Slips T1
RC267 Deduction Forms T1
RC268 Deduction Forms T1
RC269 Deduction Forms T1
RC310 Deduction Forms T1
RC359 Deduction Forms T1
RC360 Deduction Forms T1
RC381 Tax & Credit Forms T1
RC383 Deduction Forms T1
RC59 Filing T1
RC62 Slips T1
RC71 Filing T1
RC72 Filing T1
Rental Income Forms T1
Repay Tax & Credit Forms T1
Resource Deduction Forms T1
ResourceAsset Deduction Forms T1
ResourceAssetList Deduction Forms T1
ResourceCCA Deduction Forms T1
ResourceCCAS Deduction Forms T1
ResourceCEC Deduction Forms T1
RPP Deduction Forms T1
RRSP Deduction Forms T1
RRSPLimit Deduction Forms T1
RRSPTransfer Deduction Forms T1
S1 Return & Schedule Forms T1
S10 Return & Schedule Forms T1
S11 Return & Schedule Forms T1
S13 Return & Schedule Forms T1
S1A Return & Schedule Forms T1
S2 Return & Schedule Forms T1
S3 Return & Schedule Forms T1
S3Details Slips T1
S4 Return & Schedule Forms T1
S5 Return & Schedule Forms T1
S6 Return & Schedule Forms T1
S7 Return & Schedule Forms T1
S8 Return & Schedule Forms T1
S8Q Return & Schedule Forms T1
S9 Return & Schedule Forms T1
SA Return & Schedule Forms T1
SB Return & Schedule Forms T1
SC Return & Schedule Forms T1
SD Return & Schedule Forms T1
SelfEmploy Income Forms T1
SK428 Tax & Credit Forms T1
SK428MJ Tax & Credit Forms T1
SK479 Tax & Credit Forms T1
SKCredits Tax & Credit Forms T1
SKS11 Tax & Credit Forms T1
SKS2 Tax & Credit Forms T1
Slips Slips T1
StudentLoan Tax & Credit Forms T1
Summary Client T1
Support Deduction Forms T1
T1 Return & Schedule Forms T1
T1 Condensed Return & Schedule Forms T1
T1005 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T101 Slips T1
T1013 Filing T1
T1014 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T10141 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T10141worksheet Tax & Credit Forms T1
T10142 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T10142worksheet Tax & Credit Forms T1
T1032 Filing T1
T1032Opt Filing T1
T1129 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T1132 Filing T1
T1135 Filing T1
T1139 Income Forms T1
T1141 Filing T1
T1142 Filing T1
T1153 Filing T1
T1157 Filing T1
T1158 Filing T1
T1159 Return & Schedule Forms T1
T1161 Filing T1
T1162A Filing T1
T1163-T1273 Income Forms T1
T1163-T1273Asset Income Forms T1
T1163-T1273AssetList Income Forms T1
T1163-T1273CCA Income Forms T1
T1163-T1273CCASummary Income Forms T1
T1163-T1273CEC Income Forms T1
T1163-T1273Comparative Income Forms T1
T1163-T1273Inv Income Forms T1
T1170 Income Forms T1
T1172 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T1198 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T1206 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T1212 Income Forms T1
T1221 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T1223 Deduction Forms T1
T1229 Deduction Forms T1
T1231 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T1232 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T1237 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T1241 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T1243 Filing T1
T1244 Filing T1
T1256 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T12561 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T12562 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T1258 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T1272 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T1284 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T1285 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T1297 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T1299 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T1317 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T183 Filing T1
T1A Filing T1
T1ADJ Filing T1
T1DD Filing T1
T1EFILE Client T1
T1M Deduction Forms T1
T1Review Client T1
T1Summary Client T1
T2017 Income Forms T1
T2036 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T2038 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T2038S Tax & Credit Forms T1
T2042 Income Forms T1
T2042Asset Income Forms T1
T2042AssetList Income Forms T1
T2042CCA Income Forms T1
T2042CCASummary Income Forms T1
T2042CEC Income Forms T1
T2042Comparative Income Forms T1
T2042Inv Income Forms T1
T2091 Income Forms T1
T2091WS Income Forms T1
T2121 Income Forms T1
T2121Asset Income Forms T1
T2121AssetList Income Forms T1
T2121CCA Income Forms T1
T2121CCASummary Income Forms T1
T2121CEC Income Forms T1
T2121Comparative Income Forms T1
T2125 Income Forms T1
T2125Asset Income Forms T1
T2125AssetList Income Forms T1
T2125CCA Income Forms T1
T2125CCASummary Income Forms T1
T2125CEC Income Forms T1
T2125Comparative Income Forms T1
T2200 Deduction Forms T1
T2201 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T2202/TL11 Slips T1
T2203 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T2204 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T2205 Income Forms T1
T2209 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T2209S Tax & Credit Forms T1
T2222 Deduction Forms T1
T3 Slips T1
T4 Slips T1
T4164 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T4A Slips T1
T4AOAS Slips T1
T4AP Slips T1
T4ARCA Slips T1
T4E Slips T1
T4PS Slips T1
T4RIF Slips T1
T4RSP Slips T1
T5 Slips T1
T5004 Deduction Forms T1
T5006 Slips T1
T5007 Slips T1
T5008 Slips T1
T5013 Slips T1
T626 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T657 Deduction Forms T1
T691 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T746 Deduction Forms T1
T776 Income Forms T1
T776Asset Income Forms T1
T776AssetList Income Forms T1
T776CCA Income Forms T1
T776CCASummary Income Forms T1
T776Comparative Income Forms T1
T777 Deduction Forms T1
T777Auto Deduction Forms T1
T777Details Deduction Forms T1
T777Other Deduction Forms T1
T778 Deduction Forms T1
T7DRA Filing T1
T89 Tax & Credit Forms T1
T929 Deduction Forms T1
T936 Deduction Forms T1
Tapes Client T1
TL2 Deduction Forms T1
TX19 Filing T1
User1 Client T1
User2 Client T1
Variance Client T1
YT428 Tax & Credit Forms T1
YT428MJ Tax & Credit Forms T1
YT432 Tax & Credit Forms T1
YT479 Tax & Credit Forms T1
YTCredits Tax & Credit Forms T1
YTS11 Tax & Credit Forms T1
YTS2 Tax & Credit Forms T1
LE35 Filing TP1
LM-3 Filing TP1
LM-53 Filing TP1
MR69 Filing TP1
QPP Tax & Credit Forms TP1
RL1 Slips TP1
RL10 Slips TP1
RL11 Slips TP1
RL15 Slips TP1
RL16 Slips TP1
RL17 Slips TP1
RL18 Slips TP1
RL19 Slips TP1
RL2 Slips TP1
RL22 Slips TP1
RL23 Slips TP1
RL25 Slips TP1
RL26 Slips TP1
RL29 Slips TP1
RL3 Slips TP1
RL4 Slips TP1
RL5 Slips TP1
RL6 Slips TP1
RL7 Slips TP1
RL8 Slips TP1
TP1 Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1.R Filing TP1
TP1000 Filing TP1
TP1012.A Filing TP1
TP1012.B Filing TP1
TP1026 Client TP1
TP1029.8.63 Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP1029.8.66.2 Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP1029.9 Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP1029.ER Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP1029.MD.5 Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP1079.6 Deduction Forms TP1
TP1086.R Income Forms TP1
TP1129 Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP1129.64 Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP1129.RI Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP128 Income Forms TP1
TP128AssetList Income Forms TP1
TP128CCASummary Income Forms TP1
TP128Comparative Income Forms TP1
TP15Year Client TP1
TP1A Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1B Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1C Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1CarryFWD Identification Forms TP1
TP1ChildAssist Client TP1
TP1Comparative Client TP1
TP1CopyrightDeduct Deduction Forms TP1
TP1D Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1Donations Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP1DSummary Client TP1
TP1E Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1F Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1Farming Income Forms TP1
TP1Farming1086.R Income Forms TP1
TP1FarmingAssetList Income Forms TP1
TP1FarmingAuto Income Forms TP1
TP1FarmingCCASummary Income Forms TP1
TP1FarmingCEC Income Forms TP1
TP1FarmingComparative Income Forms TP1
TP1FarmingInv Income Forms TP1
TP1Fishing Income Forms TP1
TP1Fishing1086.R Income Forms TP1
TP1FishingAssetList Income Forms TP1
TP1FishingAuto Income Forms TP1
TP1FishingCCASummary Income Forms TP1
TP1FishingCEC Income Forms TP1
TP1FishingComparative Income Forms TP1
TP1Foreign Slips TP1
TP1Forest Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP1FTC Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP1G Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1GS Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1H Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1HealthContribution Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1IncomeTax Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP1InvestIncome Income Forms TP1
TP1J Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1K Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1L-M Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1LossLPP Deduction Forms TP1
TP1LossNonCap Deduction Forms TP1
TP1Medical Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP1N Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1O Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1OtherCredits Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP1OtherDeduct Deduction Forms TP1
TP1OtherIncome Income Forms TP1
TP1P Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1Plan Client TP1
TP1Q Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1QOpt Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1R Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1RemittanceSlip Filing TP1
TP1Rental Income Forms TP1
TP1Review Client TP1
TP1RPP Deduction Forms TP1
TP1S Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1SelfEmploy Income Forms TP1
TP1Slips Slips TP1
TP1Summary Client TP1
TP1Support Deduction Forms TP1
TP1T Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP1V Return & Schedule Forms TP1
TP22 Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP232.1 Deduction Forms TP1
TP25 Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP274 Income Forms TP1
TP348 Deduction Forms TP1
TP-350.1 Deduction Forms TP1
TP358.0.1 Deduction Forms TP1
TP59 Deduction Forms TP1
TP59Auto Deduction Forms TP1
TP64.3 Deduction Forms TP1
TP66 Deduction Forms TP1
TP671.9 Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP726.20.2 Deduction Forms TP1
TP726.30 Deduction Forms TP1
TP726.6 Deduction Forms TP1
TP726.7 Deduction Forms TP1
TP729 Deduction Forms TP1
TP75.2 Deduction Forms TP1
TP752.0.0.6 Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP752.0.1 Filing TP1
TP752.0.14 Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP76 Deduction Forms TP1
TP766.2 Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP772 Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP776.1.ND Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP776.42 Tax & Credit Forms TP1
TP78 Deduction Forms TP1
TP78.4 Deduction Forms TP1
TP80 Income Forms TP1
TP80.1 Income Forms TP1
TP80.1Farming Income Forms TP1
TP80.1Fishing Income Forms TP1
TP801086.R Income Forms TP1
TP80AssetList Income Forms TP1
TP80Auto Income Forms TP1
TP80CCASummary Income Forms TP1
TP80CEC Income Forms TP1
TP80Comparative Income Forms TP1
TP931.1 Income Forms TP1
TP935.3 Deduction Forms TP1
TP965.32 Deduction Forms TP1
TP965.55 Deduction Forms TP1
TPF1U Filing TP1
TPF1W Filing TP1
TPF1X Filing TP1
TPF1Y Filing TP1
TPF1Z Filing TP1
TPZ-1026.0.1 Filing TP1
VD358 Tax & Credit Forms TP1
Form Name Category Module
5Year Client T2
Aconsent Alberta AT1
AEDI Alberta AT1
AExempt Alberta AT1
AGRI Filing Other
AInstalments Alberta AT1
AS1 Alberta AT1
AS10 Alberta AT1
AS12 Alberta AT1
AS13 Alberta AT1
AS14 Alberta AT1
AS15 Alberta AT1
AS15Supp Alberta AT1
AS16 Alberta AT1
AS17 Alberta AT1
AS18 Alberta AT1
AS2 Alberta AT1
AS20 Alberta AT1
AS21 Alberta AT1
AS21Supp Alberta AT1
AS4 Alberta AT1
AS5 Alberta AT1
AS5Tables Alberta AT1
AS6 Alberta AT1
AS7 Alberta AT1
AS8 Alberta AT1
AS9 Alberta AT1
AS9List Alberta AT1
AS9Supp Alberta AT1
AS9Worksheet Alberta AT1
AT1 Alberta AT1
Attach Client T2
Audit Client T2
CDA Filing T2
CDASupp Filing T2
CO-1000 Québec CO17
CO-1012 Québec CO17
CO-1027 Québec CO17
CO-1027.VE Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.33.13 Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.33.6 Québec CO17
CO1029.8.33.6Sum Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.35 (2009-02) Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.35 (2012-06) Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.5 Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.7 Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.CP Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.DA Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.DC Québec CO17
CO1029.8.36.DCSupp Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.DF Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.EL Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.EM Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.FM Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.HE Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.HF Québec CO17
CO1029.8.36.HFSupp Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.IC Québec CO17
CO1029.8.36.ICSupp Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.ID Québec CO17
CO1029.8.36.IDSupp Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.IN Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.MA Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.PM Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.PN Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.RV Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.RX Québec CO17
CO1029.8.36.RXSupp Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.SD Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.SM Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.SP Québec CO17
CO-1029.8.36.TM Québec CO17
CO-1106 Québec CO17
CO-1136 Québec CO17
CO-1136.CS Québec CO17
CO1136CSQInvestment Québec CO17
CO-1137.A Québec CO17
CO-1137.E Québec CO17
CO1137.ESupp Québec CO17
CO-1138.1 Québec CO17
CO-1139 Québec CO17
CO-1140 Québec CO17
CO-1140.A Québec CO17
CO-1159.2 Québec CO17
CO-1167 Québec CO17
CO-1175.4 Québec CO17
CO-17 Québec CO17
CO-17.R Québec CO17
CO-17.SP Québec CO17
CO-17-393 Québec CO17
CO17Deductions Québec CO17
CO-502 Québec CO17
CO-726.30 Québec CO17
CO-737.18.18 Québec CO17
CO737.18.18Capital Québec CO17
CO737.18.18Labour Québec CO17
CO-771 Québec CO17
CO-771.2.1.2 Québec CO17
COR-17.U Québec CO17
COR-17.W Québec CO17
COR-17.X Québec CO17
COR-17.Y Québec CO17
COR-17.Z Québec CO17
FM220.3 Québec CO17
IN-417.A Québec CO17
Info Identification Forms T2
Instalments Client T2
Label Client T2
Letter Client T2
MCTI Capital tax Other
Memos Client T2
MInstalments Instalments T2
MR69 Québec CO17
Notes Client T2
Political Federal T2
QCredits Québec CO17
QInvestments Québec CO17
QMeals Québec CO17
QS1/CO-17.A.1 Québec CO17
QS10/CO-130.B Québec CO17
QS11/CO-17S.10 Québec CO17
QS13/CO-17S.11 Québec CO17
QS14/CO-17S.12 Québec CO17
QS16/CO-786 Québec CO17
QS19/CO-17S.14 Québec CO17
QS1Supp Québec CO17
QS2/CO-17S.2 Québec CO17
QS21 Québec CO17
QS23/CO-771.1.3 Québec CO17
QS23Supp Québec CO17
QS24/CO-17S.36 Québec CO17
QS3/CO-17S.3 Québec CO17
QS4/CO-17S.4 Québec CO17
QS44/CO-17S.10A Québec CO17
QS4Supp Québec CO17
QS5/CO-771.R.3 Québec CO17
QS50 Québec CO17
QS5Insurance/CO-771.R.14 Québec CO17
QS6/CO-17S.232 Québec CO17
QS8/CO-130.A Québec CO17
QS9/CO-17S.9 Québec CO17
QSpecial Québec CO17
RACDetails Identification Forms T2
RACSummary Client T2
RC59 Filing T2
RD-1029.7 Québec CO17
RD-1029.7.8 Québec CO17
RD1029.7Supp Québec CO17
RD-1029.8.10 Québec CO17
RD-1029.8.16.1 Québec CO17
RD-1029.8.6 Québec CO17
RD-1029.8.9.03 Québec CO17
RD222 Québec CO17
RD222ASupp Québec CO17
RD222BSupp Québec CO17
S1 Federal T2
S10 Federal T2
S100 GIFI T2
S100Notes GIFI T2
S101 GIFI T2
S11 Filing T2
S12 Federal T2
S125# GIFI T2
S12Adjust Federal T2
S12Profits Federal T2
S13 Federal T2
S14 Filing T2
S140 GIFI T2
S141 GIFI T2
S15 Filing T2
S16 Federal T2
S17 Federal T2
S18 Federal T2
S19 Filing T2
S1Auto Federal T2
S2 Federal T2
S20 Filing T2
S200 Federal T2
S21 Federal T2
S21P Federal T2
S22 Filing T2
S23 Federal T2
S24 Filing T2
S25 Filing T2
S27 Federal T2
S28 Filing T2
S29 Filing T2
S3 Federal T2
S300 Provincial T2
S301 Provincial T2
S303 Provincial T2
S305 Provincial T2
S306 Provincial T2
S31 Federal T2
S31Supp Federal T2
S321 Provincial T2
S32Assist Provincial T2
S33 Capital tax T2
S34 Capital tax T2
S340 Provincial T2
S341 Provincial T2
S35 Capital tax T2
S35Tables Capital tax T2
S360 Provincial T2
S37 Capital tax T2
S38 Capital tax T2
S380 Provincial T2
S381 Provincial T2
S384 Provincial T2
S385 Provincial T2
S388 Provincial T2
S38Tables Provincial T2
S39 Capital tax T2
S390 Provincial T2
S391 Provincial T2
S392 Provincial T2
S393 Provincial T2
S394 Provincial T2
S4 Federal T2
S400 Provincial T2
S402 Provincial T2
S403 Provincial T2
S404 Provincial T2
S421 Provincial T2
S422 Provincial T2
S423 Provincial T2
S425 / T666 Provincial T2
S426 Provincial T2
S428 Provincial T2
S429 Provincial T2
S430 Provincial T2
S44 Filing T2
S440 Provincial T2
S442 Provincial T2
S460 Provincial T2
S47 Federal T2
S48 Federal T2
S49 Federal T2
S490 Provincial T2
S4Supp Federal T2
S5 Federal T2
S50 Filing T2
S500 Ontario T2
S502 Ontario T2
S504 Ontario T2
S506 Ontario T2
S507 Ontario T2
S508 Ontario T2
S510 Ontario T2
S511 Ontario T2
S524 Ontario T2
S525 Ontario T2
S53 Filing T2
S53Supp Filing T2
S54 Filing T2
S546 Ontario T2
S547 Ontario T2
S548 Ontario T2
S54Supp Filing T2
S55 Filing T2
S550 Ontario T2
S552 Ontario T2
S554 Ontario T2
S556 Ontario T2
S558 Ontario T2
S560 Ontario T2
S562 Ontario T2
S564 Ontario T2
S566 Ontario T2
S566Supp Ontario T2
S568 Ontario T2
S569 Ontario T2
S5BC / S427 Provincial T2
S5MB / S383 Provincial T2
S5NB / S366 Provincial T2
S5NL / S307 Provincial T2
S5NS / S346 Provincial T2
S5NT / S461 Provincial T2
S5NU / S481 Provincial T2
S5PE / S322 Provincial T2
S5SK / S411 Provincial T2
S5YT / S443 Provincial T2
S6 Federal T2
S60 Federal T2
S61 / T1145 Federal T2
S62 / T1146 Federal T2
S7 Federal T2
S71 Federal T2
S72 Federal T2
S73 Federal T2
S7Rental Federal T2
S8 Federal T2
S88 Federal T2
S8Class Federal T2
S8Lease Federal T2
S8Supp Federal T2
S9 Federal T2
S394 Federal T2
S91 Filing T2
S97 Filing T2
SCT1 Capital tax T2
SInstalments Instalments T2
Summary Client T2
T106 Filing T2
T106Supp Filing T2
T1134 Filing T2
T1135 Filing T2
T1141 Filing T2
T1142 Filing T2
T1263/S30 Federal T2
T183 Filing T2
T2 Adjust Federal T2
T2 Bar Code Federal T2
T2 Bar Code Warning Federal T2
T2002 Filing T2
T2054 Filing T2
T2055 Filing T2
T661 / S32 Federal T2
Tapes Client T2
TaxPaid Instalments T2
TP1086.R.23.12 Québec CO17
User1 Client T2
User2 Client T2
User3 Client T2
User4 Client T2
User5 Client T2
Variance Client T2
S367 Federal T2
S387 Federal T2
RC366 Federal T2
Form Name Category Module
Info Return & Schedule Forms T3 & T646
Memos Return & Schedule Forms T3
S1 Return & Schedule Forms T3
S1A Return & Schedule Forms T3
S2 Return & Schedule Forms T3
S3 Return & Schedule Forms T3
S4 Return & Schedule Forms T3
S5 Return & Schedule Forms T3
S6 Return & Schedule Forms T3
S7 Return & Schedule Forms T3
S8 Return & Schedule Forms T3
S9 Return & Schedule Forms T3
S10 Return & Schedule Forms T3
S11 Return & Schedule Forms T3
S12 Return & Schedule Forms T3
T3 Return & Schedule Forms T3
AB Return & Schedule Forms T3
BC Return & Schedule Forms T3
MB Return & Schedule Forms T3
NB Return & Schedule Forms T3
NL Return & Schedule Forms T3
NS Return & Schedule Forms T3
NT Return & Schedule Forms T3
NU Return & Schedule Forms T3
ON Return & Schedule Forms T3
PE Return & Schedule Forms T3
SK Return & Schedule Forms T3
YT Return & Schedule Forms T3
T3ABMJ Return & Schedule Forms T3
T3ADJ Return & Schedule Forms T3
T3BCMJ Return & Schedule Forms T3
T3MBMJ Return & Schedule Forms T3
T3MJ Return & Schedule Forms T3
T3NBMJ Return & Schedule Forms T3
T3NLMJ Return & Schedule Forms T3
T3NSMJ Return & Schedule Forms T3
T3NTMJ Return & Schedule Forms T3
T3NUMJ Return & Schedule Forms T3
T3ONMJ Return & Schedule Forms T3
T3PEMJ Return & Schedule Forms T3
T3SKMJ Return & Schedule Forms T3
T3YTMJ Return & Schedule Forms T3
Tapes Return & Schedule Forms T3 & T646
T3SelfEmploymentSummary Income Forms T3
T3ForeignIncome Income Forms T3
T3OtherIncome Income Forms T3
T3RentalSummary Income Forms T3
T3Income Income Forms T3
T5Income Income Forms T3
T776 Income Forms T3
T776Asset Income Forms T3
T776CCA Income Forms T3
T776CCASummary Income Forms T3
T1055 Income Forms T3
T1163-T1273 Income Forms T3
T1163-T1273Asset Income Forms T3
T1163-T1273CCA Income Forms T3
T1163-T1273CCASummary Income Forms T3
T1164CCS Income Forms T3
T2042 Income Forms T3
T2042Asset Income Forms T3
T2042CCA Income Forms T3
T2042CCASummary Income Forms T3
T2042CCS Income Forms T3
T2125 Income Forms T3
T2125Asset Income Forms T3
T2125CCA Income Forms T3
T2125CCASummary Income Forms T3
T2125CCS Income Forms T3
T5013Income Income Forms T3
ABIL Deduction Forms T3
Donations Deduction Forms T3
LossNetCap Deduction Forms T3
LossNonCap Deduction Forms T3
T3OtherDeduct Deduction Forms T3
FTC Tax & Credit Forms T3
T3PRPP Tax & Credit Forms T3
T3FFT Tax & Credit Forms T3
T3FFTS Tax & Credit Forms T3
T3PFT Tax & Credit Forms T3
T3RCA Tax & Credit Forms T3
Allocation Beneficiaries T3
Beneficiary Beneficiaries T3
NR4Slip Beneficiaries T3
NR4Sum Beneficiaries T3
T3Slip Beneficiaries T3
T3Summary Beneficiaries T3
Audit Filing T3
Election Filing T3
Label Filing T3
Notes Filing T3
T3A Filing T3
T3DD Filing T3
T1013 Filing T3
T1135 Filing T3
T1141 Filing T3
T2223 Filing T3
TX19 Filing T3
User1 Filing T3
User2 Filing T3
T3M Other T3
T3P Other T3
T3RCA Other T3
T184 Other T3
T244 Other T3
T1079 Other T3
T1079WS Other T3
TaxSummary Other T3
QSA Return & Schedule Forms T646
QSA Supp Return & Schedule Forms T646
QSB Return & Schedule Forms T646
QSC Return & Schedule Forms T646
QSD Return & Schedule Forms T646
QSE Return & Schedule Forms T646
QSF Return & Schedule Forms T646
QSFCCA Return & Schedule Forms T646
QSG Return & Schedule Forms T646
TP646 Return & Schedule Forms T646
QBusinessIncome Income Forms T646
QFarming Income Forms T646
QFarmingCCASummary Income Forms T646
QFarmingCCS Income Forms T646
QForeignIncome Income Forms T646
QOtherIncome Income Forms T646
QRentalSummary Income Forms T646
RL3Income Income Forms T646
RL15income Income Forms T646
RL16Income Income Forms T646
TP80B Income Forms T646
TP80BCCASummary Income Forms T646
TP80BCCS Income Forms T646
TP128F Income Forms T646
TP231 Income Forms T646
TP653 Income Forms T646
QABIL Deduction Forms T646
QDonations Deduction Forms T646
QLossNetCap Deduction Forms T646
QLossNonCap Deduction Forms T646
QOther Deduct Deduction Forms T646
TP668.1 Deduction Forms T646
QFTC Tax & Credit Forms T646
TP750 Tax & Credit Forms T646
TP772 Tax & Credit Forms T646
RL16Notes Beneficiaries T646
RL16Slip Beneficiaries T646
MR14.A Filing T646
MR14.B Filing T646
MR69 Filing T646
QElection Filing T646
Qletter Filing T646
TP274.A Filing T646
TP776.47 Filing T646
TP101.2B Filing T646
TP1031.1 Filing T646
TP1086.R.23.12 Filing T646
TPF646W Filing T646
TPF646X Filing T646
TPF646Y Filing T646
TPF646Z Filing T646
TP1129.53 Other T646
Form Name Category Module
AT107 Other FX
AT107Part2 Other FX
AT108 Other FX
AT108Part2 Other FX
AT109 Other FX
AT109Part2 Other FX
Audit Other FX
CNT (LE-39.0.2) Other FX
CPT30 Other FX
FIN542P Logging FX
FIN542S Logging FX
FIN571 Logging FX
Info Other FX
Memos Other FX
MR69 Other FX
MR93.1.1 Other FX
Notes Other FX
NR5 Non-resident FX
NR6 Non-resident FX
NR6SUPP Non-resident FX
NRTA1 Non-resident FX
ON100 Other FX
PD24 Other FX
RC1 Other FX
RC145 Other FX
RC199 Other FX
RC1A Other FX
RC1B Other FX
RC1C Other FX
RC232 Charity FX
RC366 Other FX
RC4288 Other FX
RC59 Other FX
RC66 Other FX
RC66S Other FX
RL15Detail Slip FX
RL15Info Slip FX
RL15Slip Slip FX
RL1Detail Slip FX
RL1Info Slip FX
RL1Slip Slip FX
RL1Sum Slip FX
RL24Detail Slip FX
RL24Info Slip FX
RL24Slip Slip FX
RL24Sum Slip FX
RL25Detail Slip FX
RL25EnglishInfo Slip FX
RL25FrenchInfo Slip FX
RL25Info Slip FX
RL25Slip Slip FX
RL25Sum Slip FX
RL2Detail Slip FX
RL2Info Slip FX
RL2Slip Slip FX
RL2Sum Slip FX
RL3Detail Slip FX
RL3Info Slip FX
RL3Slip Slip FX
RL3Sum Slip FX
RL8Detail Slip FX
RL8Info Slip FX
RL8Slip Slip FX
RL8Sum Slip FX
T100A Other FX
T100B Other FX
T100C Other FX
T101A Slip FX
T101B Slip FX
T101C Slip FX
T101D Slip FX
T101SLIP Slip FX
T106Details/T106SLIP Slip FX
T106Sum Slip FX
T1134 Other FX
T1135 Other FX
T1146 Other FX
T1223 Other FX
T123 Other FX
T1235 Charity FX
T1236 Charity FX
T1240 Charity FX
T1261 Non-resident FX
T2000 Other FX
T2022 Other FX
T2029 Other FX
T2047 Other FX
T2050 Charity FX
T2054 Other FX
T2057 Other FX
T2058 Other FX
T2059 Other FX
T2060 Other FX
T2060SA Other FX
T2061A Non-resident FX
T2062 Non-resident FX
T2062A Non-resident FX
T2062AS1 Non-resident FX
T2065 Partnership FX
T2081 Charity FX
T2094 Charity FX
T2095 Charity FX
T2200 Other FX
T2202ADetail Slip FX
T2202ASlip Slip FX
T3010 Charity FX
T3010B Bar Code Charity FX
T3011 Charity FX
T3RI Other FX
T400A Other FX
T4ADetail Slip FX
T4Adj Slip FX
T4ANRDetail Slip FX
T4ANRSlip Slip FX
T4ANRSum Slip FX
T4ARCADetail Slip FX
T4ARCANotes Slip FX
T4ARCASlip Slip FX
T4ASlip Slip FX
T4ASum Slip FX
T4Detail Slip FX
T4Employee Slip FX
T4PSDetail Slip FX
T4PSSlip Slip FX
T4PSSum Slip FX
T4Reconcile Slip FX
T4Slip Slip FX
T4Sum Slip FX
T5008Detail Slip FX
T5008Slip Slip FX
T5008Sum Slip FX
T5013Detail Partnership FX
T5013FIN Partnership FX
T5013Instructions Partnership FX
T5013Notes Partnership FX
T5013S1 Partnership FX
T5013S10 Partnership FX
T5013S100 Partnership FX
T5013S12 Partnership FX
T5013S125 Partnership FX
T5013S140 Partnership FX
T5013S141 Partnership FX
T5013S2 Partnership FX
T5013S5 Partnership FX
T5013S50 Partnership FX
T5013S52 Partnership FX
T5013S6 Partnership FX
T5013S8 Partnership FX
T5013S9 Partnership FX
T5013SCH8Class Partnership FX
T5013SCH8Lease Partnership FX
T5013Slip Partnership FX
T5013Sum Partnership FX
T5013Worksheet Partnership FX
T5018Detail Slip FX
T5018Slip Slip FX
T5018Sum Slip FX
T5Detail Slip FX
T5Slip Slip FX
T5Sum Slip FX
T652 Other FX
T737RCADetail Slip FX
T737RCASlip Slip FX
T737RCASum Slip FX
Tapes Other FX
TD1 Source Deduction FX
TD1AB Source Deduction FX
TD1BC Source Deduction FX
TD1MB Source Deduction FX
TD1NB Source Deduction FX
TD1NL Source Deduction FX
TD1NS Source Deduction FX
TD1NT Source Deduction FX
TD1NU Source Deduction FX
TD1ON Source Deduction FX
TD1PE Source Deduction FX
TD1SK Source Deduction FX
TD1X Source Deduction FX
TD1YT Source Deduction FX
TL11A Other FX
TP1015.3 Source Deduction FX
TP1097 Other FX
TP518 Other FX
TP529 Other FX
TP600Lease Partnership FX
TP600SA Partnership FX
TP600SB Partnership FX
TP600SC Partnership FX
TP600SD Partnership FX
TP600SE Partnership FX
TP600SF Partnership FX
TP600Sum Partnership FX
TP600Worksheet Partnership FX
TP614 Other FX
TP620 Other FX
TP985.22 Charity FX
TP985.22SA Charity FX
TP985.22SB Charity FX
TP985Directors Charity FX
TP985Donees Charity FX
TX19 Other FX
User1 Other FX
User2 Other FX
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