ProFile System Requirements

Required Computer Configuration

  • Internet connectivity is required for activation, licensing, automatic updates, and additional ProFile features (e.g. EFILE)
  • Network/workstation install UNC path is not supported
  • ProFile requires operating system Windows 10TM, Windows 8.1TM, Windows 7TM with Service Pack 1.
  • .NET 4.5.2 installation & registration are required

 AppleTM Products are not supported.

To get the best results from your software, Profile requires the following minimum configuration:

Computer Element  Requirements
  • 1 GHz or faster
Operating System:
  • Windows 10TM (recommended), Windows 8.1TM, or Windows 7TM with Service Pack 1
  • 64 bit OS (recommended) or 32 bit OS
  • 4 GB or higher
Hard Drive space:
  • 3 GB for installation
  • Windows compatible printers
  • 1024 x 768 minimum resolution
  • 16-bit or higher colour
  • IE 11.0 or higher
  • A high-speed Internet connection is recommended
  • DVD-ROM drive (if ProFile is ordered on DVD. No longer available as of tax year 2017)
  • Network connectivity is required for database sharing and sharing returns or plans between ProFile users
  • eReview feature requires a MAPI email client and a PDF reader application (for example: Adobe PDF Reader®)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2