Single return tax preparation software

Easy. Convenient. ProFile's single tax return software.

OnePay tax preparation software for accountants is ProFile's pay-as-you-go option.


Available in T1/TP1, T2/CO-17, and T3/TP-646, each OnePay version contains all of the forms, worksheets and schedules you need.


View our system requirements and license agreement for details.

Purchasing OnePay


OnePay can only be purchased from within ProFile, where you'll be directed to a secure web page to complete your OnePay purchase.


You will receive an email confirmation (the access code you receive will not be entered into ProFile).

What you need to know


  • You must have an EFILE number to file returns using OnePay.
  • Your taxpayer information MUST be correct as it cannot be changed later.
  • The purchase process attaches information to the specific return to complete the transaction, so you MUST save the return when the process is finished.
  • Once you've unlocked your tax return software, OnePay is not refundable.

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