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Eliminate redundant data entry

Once is enough

We understand that T4/T5 are likely not the only returns you file, and having information you’ve included in other returns feed through to the T4/T5 is ideal. To that end, the information from your T1, T2/CO-17, and T3 modules in ProFile will carry across. Less data entry is always a good thing.

T3 trust income tax and information return form on peach background. Shows step 1: identification and other required information.
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Profile is a complete solution for corporate clients that require T4s and T5s.
Tim Reynolds, CPA CGA

More features you’ll love

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There isn’t much of anything that we need to get to the CRA that we can’t produce from ProFile.
Derek Edelkoot, CPA CGA
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ProFile has fantastic time saving features.
Julie Yagi-Fornos, CPA CGA
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