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ProFile T1 Personal
Tax Software

ProFile T1 is fast, comprehensive and accurate professional tax software that makes you more productive. It combines ease of use with the versatility to complete virtually any tax return.

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Key Features:

  • 1 license (with option of purchasing additional licenses)
  • Unlimited EFILE returns with batch processing functionality
  • FREE access to multiple returns going back a decade
  • Comprehensive set of T1 tax forms and worksheets
  • Integrated real-time auditor with over 2800 diagnostics
  • Search, export & report on clients' returns
  • Link source documents to tax returns
  • FREE year-round tech support1
  • Our 100% T1 accuracy guarantee2
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ProFile T1

ProFile T1
T1 $450.00
T1/TP1 $600.00
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Do more. Faster. And for less.

Complete your work in record time with the help of ProFile's powerful features.

EFILE unlimited returns

EFILE unlimited returns with
batch processing functionality.

With ProFile, there is no limit to how many returns you can EFILE. Plus, you can increase your productivity by filing multiple returns in one session with batch processing. You can also batch carry-forward and print multiple returns too, ensuring you get the most from your time.

Get a comprehensive set of federal and provincial forms.

Handle virtually any tax situation with ProFile's comprehensive set of forms and worksheets that cover both your federal and provincial needs. T1 information is fully integrated with the TP1 (Québec) so you don't have to re-enter data. Plus, with ProFile there's no extra cost for additional forms.

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Comprehensive set of forms and worksheets
Filing T1-Adjustments

ProFile makes filing T1-Adjustments a snap.

Clients forget tax information all the time, like a donation receipt or a last-minute RRSP contribution. The Snapshot feature lets you enter in any new information you've received after filing the return, then it auto-populates the T1-ADJ form. No need to figure out what lines have changed or enter the data yourself – both of which are tedious and time-consuming. You just have to print and file.

Instantly identify yearly trends with
T1 Tax Review Worksheet.

Give your clients the added benefit of monitoring any year-over-year variances. With user-defined thresholds, our innovative T1 & TP1 Review Worksheets will highlight any changes that may require your attention, shortening the review process and giving you more time to spend offering advice to your clients.

T1 Tax Review Worksheet
5 Year Tax Summary

5-Year Tax Summary: 5 years of history, that can save you hours of work.

Get instant access to the details of 5 years' worth of prior-year returns, without having to leave the return you're working on. Improve your accuracy by spotting potential errors and correcting omissions. This summary will help you understand trends and deliver more informed tax advice to your clients – in a lot less time.

Work with QuickBooks? ProFile does too.

Keep your tax and accounting records in sync. When you do your billing through ProFile, you can also keep your accounting records up-to-date. You can create an invoice in QuickBooks (Pro, Premium or Enterprise) based on billing information set up in ProFile. If you have a new client that isn't in QuickBooks, a simple click will set up a record based on ProFile's contact information. It's that easy.

ProFile works with QuickBooks
ProFile Review & ProFile Connect

ProFile Review & ProFile Connect

Access returns online anytime, anywhere – FREE! An industry first, ProFile Connect is the best mobile app for Canadian tax professionals. Get FREE instant, secure access to your clients' T1 2014 tax return data on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Learn more or download

Another industry first, ProFile Review is a FREE companion web application that gives you even more functionality. In addition to accessing your clients' tax return data, ProFile Review also allows you to add markups and memos to your clients' T1 and TP1 returns from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet.4 Plus, you can even invite clients to ProFile Review so they can review their return online – saving you time and improving productivity! Learn more

More ProFile features you'll love:

Access multiple years and returns all from one screen.

Unique to ProFile, the MAUITM (Multiple Application User Interface) feature gives you:

  • The ability to access different years and different types of returns all from one screen, helping you save time every day.
  • All prior years included FREE – going back a decade.
  • There's no need to re-install software every year; just enter your license code and go!
Access multiple years and returns all from one screen.
Thinking of switching? ProFile's Carry Forward feature helps make it seamless.

If you're currently using other software to prepare personal taxes, don't worry – you won't have to start from scratch.

ProFile's Carry Forward feature3 converts from TurboTaxTM (T1 only), Dr TaxTM (T1 only), CantaxTM (T1, T2 & Forms Expert) and TaxprepTM (all modules), and ProFile automatically brings forward all the applicable fields and balances from last year to ensure your returns are accurate.

Carry Forward feature
Tapes & memos: Keep track of all the details.

Our Tapes feature gives you the ability to include an 'adding-machine tape' to any input field, and allows you to create a list of amounts and have the final value automatically transferred to the field.

You can easily enter memos on a field-by-field basis. Plus, review both tapes and memos using the Auditor for a final check.

Tapes & memos
Make your mark with Review Marks.

Use Review Marks to flag items in the return with a single click. It uses standard reviewing and editing marks such as Partner Sign-off, Preparer Sign-off, Correction Required and Question. And all marks are integrated within ProFile's Active Auditor, for complete integration within the return.

Review Marks
Active Auditor: Diagnose any potential issues in real time.

ProFile's built-in Active Auditor instantly flags errors, omissions, dates & notices – and gives detailed explanations of how to correct the problems making reviewing returns a breeze.

Simply scroll through the list and then jump to the corresponding form and field. View the Auditor as a summary or view only specific areas (warnings, memos, etc.). Its sophisticated diagnostics help you catch more mistakes with fewer disruptions.

Active Auditor
Save time & paper: Email PDF returns to your clients.

Streamline the process of sending personal tax returns to your clients. In the time it takes to hit the 'print' button, you can convert your returns to password-protected PDFs – then email them to your clients.

Email PDF returns to your clients
Client Correspondence. Easy. Fast. Flexible.

Create professional mailing labels, engagement letters, and general client correspondence with information right from the personal tax return you're working on.

Even better, take advantage of ProFile's customizable templates and prepare communications with specific details from your client's tax return.

Client Correspondence
All the support you need - all year round.

Get free, year-round technical phone & email support from our ProFile technical experts. Whatever complex tax scenario you may have, we'll help you solve it. Plus, access a variety of self-serve support options including FAQs, in-product help, and free training.

Get year round technical support
Database file management: Search, export, mine & report on your clients' return.

ProFile's high-speed client database management allows you to search, export and report on client data – regardless of year or type of return.

Search by client or by situation. Create and save custom searches. Mine thousands of client files in seconds. Even manage common tasks for multiple clients in one click and preview pertinent details without opening up the return. This sophisticated tool makes for smarter client management!

Database file management
HyperDocs: Link client source documents to returns.

Manage your documents electronically by linking your clients' documents and working papers to returns or specific fields in return. You can attach or link almost any file format, including Excel, Word, PDF, JPEG, and TIFF.

In addition to helping your office become more efficient, HyperDocs allows you to be environmentally friendly by going paperless!

Options administration: Take your customized settings to another level.

Create and save customizable global settings. Configure different ProFile options per computer or per user or set global settings across a network that everyone can access through ProFile.

For easy back-up, save in one file folder. That means that your unique options package is stored separately from the software. So, when you reinstall the program, back up your system or upgrade your computer, you can take those customized options with you.

Options administration

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1. Intuit reserves the right to limit the length of a given call or the number of calls from a given customer.
2. We will pay the interest charged (to the maximum cost of ProFile T1 or ProFile T1/TP1) due to a discrepancy between your client's filed tax return and CRA's assessed amount, provided that the difference was solely a result of the calculation error in the software and not a result of inaccurate data entry or your failure to update ProFile after Intuit announces updates or corrections to ProFile in time for you to file an amended return. Full details appear in the most recent ProFile T1/TP1 software license.
3. T1 carry forward files prepared with ProFileTM, TaxprepTM, CantaxTM or TurboTaxTM. T2 and FX carry forward files prepared with ProFileTM, TaxprepTM and CantaxTM. T3 carry forward files prepared with ProFileTM and TaxprepTM.
4. ProFile Review 2014 is available from January 2015 to July 28, 2015. View ProFile Review from Safari(R), Internet Explorer(R), or Chrome(TM) browsers.