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EFILE Tips & Tricks - Learn about EFILE setup and error troubleshooting.

Using the Auditor - Learn how the auditor can help you diagnose potential issues in real time.

ProFile Review

Set Up & Use ProFile Review - Learn how to add review marks and memos, view the auditory summary and how to create a PDF copy of the return.

How-To Videos

Check out our how-to videos on the common questions that ProFile users like yourself have been asking. All videos open up in a new window (YouTube):

ProFile Review
How to set up ProFile Review
Using ProFile Review

How to use CRA Data Import
How to use RQ Data Import
How to create invoices for T1
How to create a PDF
Setting up your Options Package
How to perform a T1 adjustment
How to manage files with ProFile Client Explorer
How to manage files with ProFile's Classic Database
How to use Forms Explorer to navigate in ProFile
How to carry-forward prior year information
How to create a report using Classic Database or Client Explorer
How to export data to Excel using Classic Database or Client Explorer
How to complete the T2125 – Statement of Business and Professional Activities
How to complete the T776 – Statement of Real Estate Rentals
How to complete the TP1K – Premium Payable Under the Québec Prescription    Drug Insurance Plan

FREE Online Self-Paced Training

ProFile Basics: Learn how to get started, navigate in ProFile, how to EFILE and more. Start now

ProFile Advanced: Learn more advanced features – such as HyperDocs, Pension Splitting, search, export and reporting on your clients’ returns and more. Start now

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In-Product Tutorials

ProFile in-product tutorials give you the help you need – from right inside your ProFile product. They're easy to access: on the main menu in ProFile, click "Training", then "Tutorials" and select the tutorial you wish to view.

• T1/TP1: Getting Started
• T1/TP1: Using the Forms Explorer
• T1/TP1: Audit and Review Features
• TP1 (Québec): TP1 Basics
• T2: Getting Started

1. $110 off & 60 off Early Bird Discount: Special offer available on ProFile T1 & T1/TP1 products. Excludes OnePay (single returns). $110 off expires midnight November 15, 2013; $60 off expires midnight December 15, 2013.
2. Intuit reserves the right to limit the length of a given call or the number of calls from a given customer.
3. We will pay the interest charged (to the maximum cost of ProFile T1 or ProFile T1/TP1) due to a discrepancy between your client's filed tax return and CRA's assessed amount, provided that the difference was solely a result of the calculation error in the software and not a result of inaccurate data entry or your failure to update ProFile after Intuit announces updates or corrections to ProFile in time for you to file an amended return. Full details appear in the most recent ProFile T1/TP1 software license.
4. T1 carry forward files prepared with ProFile™, Taxprep™, CANTAX™ or TurboTax™. T2 and FX carry forward files prepared with ProFile™, Taxprep™ and CANTAX™. T3 carry forward files prepared with ProFile™ and Taxprep™.