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Graham Sharples, ProFile Product Management Leader, discusses upcoming features and innovations.

Graham Sharples

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New: Link

Collecting information from clients is time consuming. We're changing all that with Link, our new, user-friendly collaboration tool. Link allows your clients to easily submit their data, ensuring you have everything needed to complete their returns.

New: Hub

Hub will become the centre of your practice as it works seamlessly with Intuit Link, with integrations to more data sources to come.

ProFile Notification Centre

New: ProFile Notification Centre

ProFile Notification Centre keeps you in the loop with real-time notifications right within the product, saving you time from calling for assistance.

New: QuickBooks Online Import

QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) and ProFile have never worked better together. With the introduction of Workpapers in QBOA, GIFI codes are automatically mapped to your chart of accounts, allowing you to quickly and easily export your balances into ProFile.

QuickBooks Online Import
Flexible Licensing

New: Flexible Licensing

Work just got easier with our new, user-based licensing system. Switch between computers hassle free, using your Tax Year 2016 license. Learn more


ProFile FX

New 2016 Module is now available! You can save more time as ProFile FX/Q now carries forward information from 2015 files created with ProFile, Cantax - FormMasterTM and TaxprepTM

T2 Printing Enhancement

All government forms in the T2 module are now printed directly on the official government forms. You may see a change in your printing experience due to this change.


When using Auto-fill my return, the imported value of CPP pensionable earnings, and EI earnings will no longer be shown as 'overridden' if the value is the same as ProFile calculates it. This will save you time as you will no longer need to manually sign off the overrides.

T1 T2042-T1163/4 Copy & Paste Function

You can now copy and paste between T2042 and T1163/T1273 farming business forms saving time of re-entering information.

T1 RL30 Redesign to have better flow among Dependent, RL30, and TP1i

RL30 flow has been redesigned so you can enter RL30 information (child care subsidy) into the central place for dependent. Information entered in Dependent form will flow to RL30 and TP1i. The audit message has also been enhanced to help you enter information more efficiently.

T1 EFILE Confirmation Number

In the 2016 module, the confirmation number received from CRA and RQ for T1EFILE, TP1NETFILE, T1013EFILE and T1135EFILE will be recorded on the Info page.

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1. Based on July 2016 Canadian Market Study.