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Intuit ProFile’s Mission

Powering prosperity


At Inuit ProFile, our mission is to power the prosperity of Canadian accounting and tax professionals. We know exactly how much time can be wasted preparing a tax return, and what busy-season burnout can mean for your work-life balance.


That’s why we focus on the ways we can make your life easier and lessen the amount of time your work takes, so you’re empowered to reach your goals.


“Bringing out the best in our customers, so they can focus on helping their clients without getting stuck in the software, not only provides a sense of gratification but also motivates me to power prosperity.”


Sumit Pathak

Product Manager

Intuit ProFile’s process

Customer obsessed
& constantly innovating


Our customers always come first. We prioritize updates and new features around our customer’s feedback. Always being sure to stay in sync with the CRA, we run tests and certifications throughout the year.


Working hand-in-hand with accounting professionals, our tax analysts and government form experts sit side-by-side with software engineers to take the pain out of tax preparation.

“To me, prosperity is finding time to do the things you love with the people you love.”



Tax Analyst

Meet the team

Sherrif Musah

Tax content analyst


“I realize what’s frustrating for our customers because I was one. Having worked as a public accountant, it’s satisfying to help shape real change and improvements that make my old co-workers lives easier."


“It’s pretty cool, I sit beside our software developers and interpret new forms and government legislation so we can bring them into ProFile.”

Hiraa Mahmood

Government form specialist


“I started in customer support, moved into product development, became a Tax Analyst and now I’m a Government Form Specialist."


“One thing I love is talking to customers and bringing those insights into improving the product. I can bring so much of what I learned when I was a support specialist with me into the development and direction of ProFile. “

Frank Bustamante

Staff software engineer


“10 years working on Intuit Profile getting my hands on every piece of the product. We always prioritize things around our customer’s feedback. Then we take it a step further, building an even closer relationship with our customers."


“We have them test our new features and enhancements before it’s released to the general public to help us make sure we’re doing things the right way.”

Ian Visser

Content writer


“Creating help articles and support documentation for Intuit ProFile means that my work isn't just theoretical, but that it can serve the needs of our customers directly every day."


“It's a great feeling when something I create solves a problem, explains a new feature, or answers a question that helps a ProFile customer save time, effort, or money.”

Fab Sommerville

Senior service and support specialist


“With Intuit, self-employed and small businesses are able to easily integrate QuickBooks and ProFile to save time and generate revenue, backed by a support team that is dedicated to their success."


“This commitment and passion are the things that motivate me to work on ProFile and power prosperity across Canada.”

Husna Nafis

Service and support specialist


“Working on ProFile is so interesting, with no two questions alike. This environment provides an opportunity to always learn fast, and exciting challenges keep the team engaged."


“Our customers are like our teammates, we work together as one. This kind of bond gives us the passion to deliver awesome and win together on a day-to-day basis.”

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