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With new features like corporate linking, CRA ReFILE and hub enhancements, ProFile is more powerful than ever.

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Susan Watkin MI BSc
President / Principal Accountant
Watkin Small Business Services

ProFile tax modules cover virtually every tax scenario

All the forms you need. No hassle opening modules separately: everything is accessible through ProFile.

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ProFile is Canada’s #1 best selling tax software

ProFile is powerful, reliable and secure

Get your work done fast and efficiently with the help of these great features:

Corporate linking

Corporate linking

Save time by sharing tax information between related corporations, and easily transfer RACDetail information between T2 returns.

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T1 Accuracy guarantee

ProFile has an extensive built-in auditor with real-time auditing that instantly flags errors and omissions for you. With more than 2,800 diagnostics, ProFile T1 double-checks everything as you work.

Year-round support.


ProFile is now certified by the CRA for ReFILE. This CRA service lets you submit adjustment requests for a 2015 or 2016 return originally filed through ProFile. It's fast, simple and free.

As thorough as you are

Forms for all of Canada

With ProFile's comprehensive form sets, you can handle virtually every tax scenario from all tax jurisdictions including Québec.

Comprehensive training & support

We have your back with training, events and 24 hour support. You can rely on us.

Training & webinars

Training & webinars

We have training videos, live webinars, and tips & tricks for both expert and beginners:

Events & community

Events & community

Our events are great opportunities to network and tap into the large and active ProFile community.

Live chat and support

Live chat and support

ProFile has you covered with its excellent customer service and support.

Emily Tarney

I love how intuitive the software is. That it is easy to navigate. I love the auditor, that’s one of my favourite features. Mostly, though, that it is an Intuit product. Intuit is more than just a software company: it’s a community.

Emily Tarney

Tim Reynolds

I’ve always been a fan of Intuit products, and the integration with QuickBooks suites. I’ve used ProFile for quite some time and it’s simple to use.

Timothy S. Reynolds

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