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Need a single tax return? Pay as you go with ProFile OnePay. Available in T1/TP1, T2, and T3/TP-646.

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ProFile Review lets you access, review, mark up and add memos to your clients' T1 and T1/TP1 returns – FREE!

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Important Offer Details, Disclaimers/Footnotes

1. We will pay the interest charged (to the maximum cost of ProFile T1 or ProFile T1/TP1) due to a discrepancy between your client's filed tax return and CRA's assessed amount, provided that the difference was solely a result of the calculation error in the software and not a result of inaccurate data entry or your failure to update ProFile after Intuit announces updates or corrections to ProFile in time for you to file an amended return. Full details appear in the most recent ProFile T1/TP1 software license.
2. Intuit reserves the right to limit the length of a given call or the number of calls from a given customer.