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Introducing Intuit Hub & Link

Hub is a document management dashboard that will help you access customer information quickly and seamlessly.

Hub works effortlessly with Link, a user-friendly online portal that will help you collaborate more effectively with your clients to gather their information.

Together, Intuit Hub & Link will streamline document management in ProFile.


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Hub is your document management command centre

  • Hub is a dashboard within ProFile that will give you a birdseye view of your client documents and information.
  • You can access client contact information, check the status of a return and review any notes that may have been added.
  • Within Hub you will have access to document management sources, such as Link, to help you gather information from your clients in one secure place.
  • New! CRA’s Auto-fill my return is now available through Hub.
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How Hub helps organize your data

ProFile Hub

Easily access client information from one location

Client file status

See the current status of a client's file as it moves through your workflow

Add notes and comments

Add notes and comments to a client's file to keep everyone in your firm informed of the progress

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